TS Pictures
TS Pictures
TS Pictures is an Oregon-based LLC founded by Scott Forslund and Tim Ryerse. It is a motion picture development company focused on producing quality entertainment. Its first production, "Lie Detector," is a psychological thriller that weaves through a world of hate crime, international espionage and extreme rock climbing. Projects in development include "Lie Detecting," a sequel to "Lie Detector," "Steens Kiger," a family saga centered on a genetically rare herd of wild mustangs in southeast Oregon, "Live the Dream," about a teen summer camp that deals with discrimination, and "Perfection," about eugenics in the 1920's and its tragic results. TS Pictures is also interested in co-productions and intends to package multiple films in the future.
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Biography & Interview by Tim Ryerse

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Biography & Interview by Scott Forslund