Sequel Screenplay
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Currently in Development at TS Pictures
Synopsis by Scott Forslund

Seven years after a brush with death triggers a unique ability to detect deception, FBI Special Agent David Wellman finds himself tracking a treasonous former agent in Pakistan. Using his lie detecting skills to reverse interrogate his terrorist captors, David learns the agent has orchestrated a secret missile deal. But the CIA fears David has gone rogue and charge his former partner and best friend, Spence McKenzie,
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with bringing him back to the United States. Reunited in the tribal areas bordering Afghanistan, Spence soon discovers David’s skills have progressed to a whole new level, and joining forces, they uncover a plot to arm the missile with a nuclear warhead. Complicating the mission is David’s son Matt, now a budding journalist attending a peace conference in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. When the terrorists target him, David must balance the threat to his son’s life with stopping a potential nuclear disaster. With the unwavering support of his wife Kate, David embarks on a career-ending plan to protect his son, save his best friend’s life, and expose a conspiracy of mass destruction.